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OUR NATURAL ENVIROMENT WHO IS IT Human beings are part of natural ecosystems and depend on them for their survival. In a rapidly changing environment and with increasing urbanization, this dependence is challenged. Natural environments affect human health and well-being both directly and indirectly. Urban green and blue areas provide opportunities for stress recovery and physical activity. They offer spaces for social interactions in the neighborhood and places for children’s play. Chronic stress, physical inactivity, and lack of social cohesion are three major risk factors for noncommunicable diseases, and therefore abundant urban greenery is an important asset for health promotion. LETS BEGIN......
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In spite of the fact that planets encompass stars in the system, how they structure stays a subject of discussion....
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New rank of medical college in Nepal based on overall performance, students position after graduation, health services facilities etc.
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Space science encompasses all of the scientific disciplines that involve space exploration and study natural phenomena and physical bodies occurring...
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1= Sun Surface temperature=5778k Radius=695700km Distance from earth=149.6millionkm 2= SIRIUS A surface temperature=9940k Radius=1.191 million km Distance from earth=8.611 light years 3= POLLUX surface temperature=4865k Radius=5.568 million km Distance from earth=33.72 light years 4= ARCTURUS Surface temperature=4290k Radius=17.89 millionkm Distance from earth=8.611 light years 5= ALDEBARAN Surface temperature=3910k Radius=30.76 million km Distance from earth= 65.23 light years 6= RIGEL Surface temperature= 11000k Radius=54.29 million km Distance from earth= 864.3 light years 7= PISTOL STAR Surface temperature=11800k Radius=213 million km Distance from earth=25000 light years 8= ANTARES Surface temperature=3500k Radius=695700 km Distance from earth= 604 light years 9= BETELGEUSE Surface temperature=3500k Radius=821.3 million km Distance from earth= 642.5 light years 10= VY CANIS MAJORIS Surface temperature= 3490k Radius=983.3 million km Distance from earth=4892 light years 11= UY SCUTI Surface temperature= 3000k Radius=1700 times of the sun Distance from earth=9500 light years
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MoE announced the scholarship for BSc. Agriculture for the remaining seats
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Apply for the scholarship in BSc agriculture, good opportunity
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Entranceup is an online platform for all MBBS, BDS, nursing and all entrance preparation for MEC common entrance in Nepal.
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Stay calm &and composed dear aspirants. May your hard work and effort pays off you with success . Good wishes...
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