Yo Katha

This is my favorite Poem. Though written on Jan, 2017. The motive and As mentioned 'The story' dates back to the time before high school. Then in anger, I threw 2 notebooks which had the stories and poems of my entire school life, into Narayani. This poem was written basically in memories of those notebook. Life comes at you in phases, and obviously all those endeavors have craved out the good in me.Though, I still burn almost all my poems and diaries quite frequently, This poem is when I realized how important letting go was. Today, as i stand, I don't pursue the dream that was so dear to me, I don't like the girl i once thought was love of my life,nor am in the place where I thought i would be but I'm grateful. And, it isn't like i haven't endured harsher days than that.But, isn't life amalgam of happy and sad stories? Well, Changes are necessary, either they are good or bad, either they make you hit rock bottom or get you sky high.And It's entirely your decision, that calls for a change. The decision to end a story is also a decision to start a new chapter, to open a new empty notebook and start writing yourself. This is part of growing. The pain is evil yet very important and to learn when to throw your notebook or burn them or keep them safe is yours decision to make. I strongly belive someday, you will meet someone whose story you couldn't burn, who makes you a better person everyday and you keep them close. The soul mate destiny isn't like that of movies nor Chetan Bhagats stories. It is a process, where you meet countless of people and bear with them countless of stories, and have carved yourself to the person you need to be to meet and fall in love with him/her and then you grow together as one, and in some instances that doesn't work out too and it is still okay. As, Jorge Luis has quoted, "I am not sure that I exist, actually. I am all the writers that I have read, all the people that I have met, all the women that I have loved; all the cities I have visited." This journey of yours is not easy but beautiful. So, . You have to keep going. In difficult times, talk to a friend and if you think you haven't got any, You are reading his post


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