When can we be free?

We are in 2021 and nothing has been changed there are many rights for females but all those rights are useless many innocent children who even don't know how to walk or to talk are brutally being raped this is the definition of humanity? How long now? How long do we have to live with this fear forever? We have to educate boys to respect females girls, sisters, their mothers every one of them we can wear whatever we want we do have the right to be independent to do things to earn money to go outside at night or what do you think we are not human? I wish to good that no more rape I don't wanna lose any innocent faces we all deserve to live our life women deserve too 

If the Nepal government will make strict laws for the rapist then many lives can be safe and can live freely in this world and Nepal to yesterday at one child was rapped in a bus what about thet thing it is over now? That is what you deserve I want all my girls to speak up for themselves it's only you who can fight for yourself .You have to be strong and bold for this cruel world. 

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