The breathtaking natural gift of god, Tinjure Milke Jaljale(TMJ)


The “Guras Headquarter(Rhododendron headquarter)” Tinjure Mike Jaljale is famous for Rhododendron. There were 33 rhododendron spices in the world, 28+ species found in the lap of TMJ. The TMJ is situated in the eastern hilly region and conserved by Tinjure Mike Jaljale Rhododendron conservational area of 85.26 Km2  to district Terathum, Taplejung, and Sankhuwashava in the elevation range of 1700-5000 meters from the sea level.

Considering the name Tinjure Mike Jaljale (TMJ), the naming of the area using 3 places Tinjure Dada(Tinjure Height), Mike Dada (Mike height), and Jaljle. A brief description is as under.





Tinjure Height is situated at a height of 3000-3600 meters from sea level. Many domestic and foreign tourists visit this place every year. The magnificent view of Mount Makalu can be seen during the sunset and sunrise. If climates on favor one can see a wonderful view of the highest peak in the world- Mt. Everest from this height. 

Milke Height is situated at a height of 2900-3200 from sea level. The species of rhododendron which is listed as the national flower of Nepal found in this area. The close view of Kanchenjunga and Kumbhakarna mountains  There are many lakes between Milke and Tinjure height. Some of the famous lakes of this place are Gupha Pokhari, Lam Pokhari, Paach Pokhari, Kaalo Pokhari. 


The end-point of the conversational are is Jaljale which connects Tehrathum district with the Pachthar district. Along with the Jaljale route, the second-highest waterfall of Nepal Hyatrung Jharna is situated. This makes your trip adventurous and fabulous. 


The best time to explore the magnificent gift god is in the autumn and spring season. In the time the trekking blossom with different types of rhododendron species,  vegetation, and melodious song of birds. 

How to get there? 

TMJ treks start from Tinjure and complete at Jaljale, during the trek route it passes along with Paach Pokhari, Gupha, and Milke Dada. The trekking can complete in 3 days with a normal hike. A road trip is easily available from every part of the country, one can catch the Bus or Hies from Kathmandu, Biratnagar, Kakarvita, Itahari, Dharan. One can fly TMJ by Taplejung Airport, Tumlingtar Airport (Sankhuwasabha) From Trivhuwan International Airport. 



This place is situated in the hilly region of the eastern region. The live style of the people is very normal. There is no presence of any big and reputed hotels, homestays are build to provide home-like facilities. It helps to take a close look at the traditions, culture, and lifestyle of people.


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