Smoking and it's effects

Many people are addicted to bad habits. These habits harm our body ans and affect our health. These bad habits not only affect the person also affect the person living in the surrounding and in the society. Smoking, drinking alcohol and drug abuse are some of the examples of habits. People might adopt these bad habits due to peer pressure They might take these things due to amusement or religious purpose whatever ways they adopt these habits, they harm them and their circle.


People take tobacco orally or by smoking. Chewing e health introduce four thousand different harmful tobacco and smoking a cigarette in any form can chemicals in our body. These harmful drugs are tar, nicotine, carbon monoxide, etc.

Tar includes various chemicals. It is deposited in our lungs. It makes our respiratory track black. It is the main cause of lung cancer.

Similarly, nicotine is a type of drug. It directly harms our nervous system. It increases our heart beat and blood pressure.

Carbon monoxide decreases the combining capacity of oxygen to the blood. You know that oxygen is responsible for the respiration in cells. Without oxygen our cells cannot release energy. So, the activities of the cells are decreased.





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