Scrub Typhus and how to prevent it

Scrub typhus is a disease caused by bacteria called orientia tsutsugamushi and which is carried by mite called leptotrombidium or (Chigger).

Scrub typhus had been endemic in asia, Australiya,India and Pacific oceans since long time

Symptoms are so alike with Covid-19, Influnza and sometimes Typhoid which are: fever, muscle pain, cough, headache, difficulty in breathing, abdominal pain, nausea and vomitting.

Some cases are reported dead in Nepal too. But what i find in clinical setting is that people are not being serious for typhus because of Covid-19.

When people get common symptoms mentioned above, they think its either Corona or typhoid fever and then they go to local drug store and buy medicine for typhoid. For Corona they leave it for God.

They hasitate to do pcr for cov-19 even though health care workers suggests strongly. My point is either patient or health care worker in rural area neglet Scrub typhus, this is the reason why people comes to heigher level health center in last stage then with diagnosis of scrub typhus either people loose their lives or it longers the hospital stay.

Prevention is so much easier then we emagine, 

When travelling to areas where scrub typhus is common, avoid areas with lots of vegitation and bush where Chiggers( mites) may be found.

Dress properly that covers arms and legs.

Clean your farm,garden and wet places time to time.

Treatment in early stage is not expensive and even shouldnt stay in hospital after all.

Not one person can change the spread rate but we all can, by preventing the transmission.

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