NEPSE and SEBON reply- Nothing will happen, NO INSIDER TRADING & Cornering


Today, SEBON & NEPSE official said that there is no clue of insider trading and cornering of AHPC, RRHP, UMHL,  RHPC. Yesterday Dhurba  Prasha bhata had filed case a  against insider trading and cornering, so today they replied and nothing to worry because this is bullish market and hydropower companies are leading . Most of the hydropower companies gained profit in this year and they declared dividend to their shareholders. They also warned about false allegations and there should be strong proof of insider trading and Corning, otherwise this is just a false perception to down the price of strong companies, and big players are just threatened the small invester to sell their shares in low price. So , there is nothing to worries, this is bullish market and price always tends to break the all time high value despite the bad news. The officials also said that hydropower companies are backbone of our nation, and the government also invested and  prioritize the hydropower companies.

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