Natural disaster


Natural Disaster

By:samir sapkota


Almost every year many peoples loss their life due to natural disaster. Disaster is sudden event that has very unfortunate consequences for those who have been affected by it. Those disasters which are mainly caused by nature is called natural disaster and those disaster which are mainly caused by mane made activities is called manmade disaster. E.g. of natural disasters are :Snowslide, Glacial Lake Outburst Flood(GLOF),Hurricane, earthquake etc. E.g. of  manmade disasters are: explosions, biological attacks, nucleus blast etc.


One of the very commonly natural disasters that happen frequently is earthquakes, snowfall flood. Earthquake are caused by the momentum of plates in the earth’s crust. Most of time they move evenly but not always and could be got stuck building up pressure. Discharging the pressure cause earthquakes to happen.

The rapid flow of snow down a sloping surface is called snowslide. Due to the earthquake, global warming, use of explosives causes of snowslide. loss life and properties, cause flood reduces wildlife, deforestation, etc. are effect of snowslide.

For preventive measures of snowslide:

1.                        Public awareness should be provide.

2.                        Afforestation should be done.

3.                        Prone areas should be identified.

4.                        Prediction about avalanches.

Efficiency of disasters management models is in the ability to harness the relevant resource.

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