Life everyone can relate (COVID-19)

This is not a new things for us to talk about our life in pandemic. You all can see that it's already been more than one years of this shit happening in our life. At the worst case, we had lost our family, relatives, friends and even our co-workers. Needless to say, the role played by medical staffs and concerned authorities regarding the COVID-19 is undeniable.

But have you ever wondered what kind of impact it has on the common people's life or to say how it has affected the lifestyle of people. It's no surprise to think that the way we are living right now is not the same before. We can all see that coming; the pros and cons of living during the pandemic.

 I really don't want to say much about this but one thing I do want to mention is that the cons overweighs the pros. Just look at your surroundings, many business sectors, institutions, educational sectors are not the same way they used to be. Just take the school as an example, in the name of or say in the fear of COVID-19, schools are closed not to mention the colleges and universities. They are conducting online classes and even online exams too. This may be taken as the good thing by many of us but do you know that this are implicating the students and their future as well as the hard work of the parents and the teachers can go in vain. Let's admit the fact that online classes really suck. We all know that teachers are teaching while students with their camera off and also on mute, don't know what they are doing. Most of the times they just play games, eat and chat and never really pay attention to the class. This is entirely not the student's fault. Every concerned authorities should consider about this because this will not just implicate their future but also the future of the nation as we all say that children are the pillar of the nation. 

Nowadays in this online exams, everything follow one main way i.e cheating. Teachers may know that but they still can't do anything about that but they should never forget that habits are hard to get rid of especially the bad ones. Children will develop the habit of cheating and it would be difficult to overcome later and maybe when the school really starts they can't catch up with the progress like before. I hear many schools outside the valley are conducting physical classes and the schools in the valley are also discussing about it. I truly hope that schools and colleges will be opened again. Following the health precautions and safety measures, I am sure that opening school will do more good than anything else. 

This is just my opinions guys and I hope you guys will have different opinions too. But just look at the country from where the Covid-19 originated. How's their situation now and how's our situation and then you will know the answers. Last but not the least Covid-19 has affected each and everyone out there mentally, physically, socially, economically and emotionally. So, it's really the time to change the way or live with it for our better future and better lifestyle.

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