Here’s what you need to understand before having a relationship.

Here’s what you need to understand before having a relationship.


          Building relationships is an important part of our life. If you’re looking for a romantic relationship, who wouldn’t want a healthy relationship, right? The type of relationship we have with our partner affects our mental health. Likewise, having a healthy relationship affects our health positively. Research has shown that people who are engaged in a healthy relationship tend to have a decreased risk of mortality.

           In today’s generation, movies and fictional stories have influenced a great deal of people. They have rooted the idea of such a fairy-tale like relationship, which obviously isn’t found in real world. All people want is a picture perfect relationship with no bad but only good moments to cherish forever. People are often found talking about how to know if a relationship is unhealthy and they do not consider the fact that a great deal of effort is needed to make a relationship good and long-lasting. Here’s what we need to know. No relationship is perfect. Every relationship has its Ups and Downs. What makes a relationship healthy is despite having some unhealthy characteristics each person must strive to make the relation work.

              The idea of a healthy relationship isn’t same for everyone. It is because of different needs of people. One may regard trust as a vital element for a healthy relationship whereas other may regard respect as a pillar of a relationship. The kind of relationship you want at your 20’s may change when you reach your 30’s and so on.


  Five things that should be normalized if you’re wanting a healthy relationship.

1.     Having a disagreement

Majority of people freak out when they have a disagreement with their partner. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to agree all the times. It is completely normal to have one or two fights very often because humans have different perception about things. Before thinking your relationship is doomed because you recently had a fight with your partner, you might want to consider the fact that disagreement lets you to know more about what your partner actually thinks and solve the matter with joint effort.


2.     Owning up to your mistakes:

We may make several mistakes now and then. The important part is whether you own your mistakes or not. A lot of people are seen hiding their mistakes because they feel the truth may freak their partner. It is completely normal to make few small mistakes while being in a relationship. Accepting it and sharing it with your partner is a healthy trait which prevents it from turning into a very big problem which may result in breakup afterwards.


3.     Asking for clarity:

It is often misinterpreted as being too much clingy. But asking for clarity in a relationship is actually a good trait that makes your relationship healthy. If you feel insecure or less valued, the only thing that can save things from piling up is rising above the fear of being called ‘clingy’ and asking where things are headed and where do you stand.


4.     Giving each other space:

Being in love makes people think of how they want to spend time side by side holding each other hands forever. People often mistake wanting space as asking for breakup. But it isn’t. As much as you want to spend all your time holding hands of your partner, you should also understand that you and your partner are two different beings who have different needs. You need to understand that each of you have a different world outside your relationship. Without space, relationships become suffocating and there will be a time when eventually you would have to ask for it. As long as your bond is strong you shouldn’t have to worry about your partner needing space.


5.     Not being perfect:

You should know that nobody is perfect. You have your flaws, so does your partner. Love isn’t about finding the perfect partner but finding an imperfect partner perfect for yourself. People who recognize the uniqueness of their partner tend to have a successful relationship. Most of the couples have an unhealthy relationship because of lack of acceptance. They criticize each other for not being as they desire him/her to be. Even if they change their partners looking for a perfect relationship, they would start having a new set of complains. Imperfectness should be a normal thing in relationship and people should understand that accepting and honoring your partner flaws rather than wanting to change them contributes highly in making the relationship work.


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