Exam Notice B.Sc.Ag And BVSc & AH IAAS TU

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There are some Covid 19 positive cases in Institute of agriculture and animal science paklihawa campus and Lamjung campus. Final exams of students are going to be conducted from 24 Shrawan but occurrence of covid 19 cases have spreaded fear among students. Lamjung campus in coordination with Local bodies have managed antigen test for all students but Paklihwa campus doesn't seem aware about health of students. Some students union have demanded for PCR test before exam . Why TU administration is so irresponsible about students health? Is exams more important than health? Why TU cannot search for alternative methods for exams? 

Meeting is going on at Paklihawa campus so notice regarding exam will be updated soon. For recent update about exam , you can visit this page of paklihawa campus https://m.facebook.com/Paklihawacampus/?_se_imp=0Jnlv1JqdZO88UlXa



To get exam notice here you can visit this website⬇️


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