Drug Abuse In Our Society.

Drug Abuse

Taking drugs like ganja, hashish, arijuana, brown sugar, etc. unnecessarily is called drug abuse. drugs are taken to cure diseases. If drugs are taken in the name of amusements, it ruins our life. Small students adopt this habit in bad circle. Due to peer pressure they take it. First they are forced later it will be their habit. It will very difficult to abandon this habit.

Drugs affect our nervous system directly. It damages our nerve cells and affects our memory and learning habits. We cannot concentrate in our daily works. Some people might be addicted to drugs. They are real trouble for home, society and nation. Various crimes in the society like robbery, murder, quarrels, etc. are caused by the drug addiction.

Students should participate in playing various sports. We should make good friend circle. Doing right thing at right time makes us busy. If somebody is pressurizing in taking drugs, we should immediately avoid them. We should complain about it to our parents and teachers.

In our society various rehabilitation centres need to be opened for the drug addicts. They should participate in various programs like yoga, sports, reading, etc. to eradicate this habit. A psychological counsellor can teach an addicted person to get rid of this fatal habit.

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