Corona Virus ( COVID - 19) Prevention Tips

All we know that world is suffering from dangerous disease Corona Virus (COVID-19) Disease. In this situation we all have to stay healthy and happy life. Inorder to stay a healthy and happy lifestyle here are some major tips regarding prevention of this disease.


1. Maintain proper distance (1m) between you and others inorder to reduce the risk of infection while sneezing, coughing, and speaking and maintain higher distance while doing indoor activities as it has high chances of spreading diseases.


2. Wear proper and clean masks and disposal properly after use.


3. Avoid going in 3Cs ( In Closed, Crowded and In closed contact)


4. Avoid gathering outsides as well as indoor if spaces are small.


5. Clean your hands with an alcohol based sanitaizer or with soap and water regularly.


6. Avoid touching your sense organs (especially eyes, noses and mouth)


7. Cover your mouth while sneezing with tissue or use elbow inorder to spread particles 


Healthy at Home

1.   Stay Physically active

2.    Healthy Diet  

3.    Healthy Parentint

4.     Avoid Tobacco 

5.     Mental Health



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