An overview of suduraschim province

Farwestern region is located in western end of our country Nepal. It covers a 19,515.52 km2 area of total area of 147,516km2 of our country. Godawari kailali is located as a capital of farwestern province and know by the name of suduraschim province. There are 34 municipalities including one sub-metropolitan and 54 rural Municipalities (Gaunpalika) total 88 local units are functional as local government.The topography of the farwest region include Terai(plains),Hills, middle mountain and high mountains with the highest altitude of 7,132meters.most village are very remote and inaccessible.some 44%of people on farwest hills and 49%of people in himalayas district. There are 2 zones Seti and Mahakali and 9 districts kailali,kanchanpur, Dadeldhura,Doti,Achham,Bajura,Baitadi,Bajhang,Darchula.Regional headquarter is located in Dipayal,Doti district. Dhangadi and Mahendranagar are the big cities of province 7.Nepali is the main language and on the based of district there are different languages such as Doteli,kumaoni and tharu.There are 3 main rivers on the farwest region Karnali,Seti,Mahakaliand from the name of these rivers zones names are formed.Jhulaghat,Baitadi district is near border of neighbor country india and Bajhang,Darchula border of Tibet,china.


The farwestern region is remote and developmentally challenged.farswestern region has challanged the difficulty topography and caste based discrimination , traditional system associated with religious,cultural and customs and also have a great impact on overall development.There are many major problems and challenges some of them are prevalence of caste and gender based discrimination,low literacy rate poverty , Agriculture is the first job of the people living on the suduraschim province and next the foreign employees.Due to the lack of money and daily consuming purpose people attract toward high income to the foreign and lack of employment and high seasonal migration toward foreign countries such as India,and other foreign working countries and high chances of disease transmissions amoung difficult topography prone to natural disasters likes flood, landslide, forest fire.low agricultural productivity and poor rural infractures.Extreme diverse climate conditions.There are lack of opportunities and less attraction of government toward the rural areas to promote them on new skills and technology .

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