Alcoholism and it's effects

Alcoholism itself is a disease People drink beer, wine, rum, local alcohol, etc. The habit of taking alcohol harms the health of people. After drinking alcohol people lose the control of the body. They may be wounded. Nervous system of the people is highly affected by intake of alcohol. You might have noticed the quarrel of a drunkard with the family members.Various accidents in the society are caused due to alcoholism. 

Alcohol damages our liver and kidneys. It affects the learning and memory of people. So we shouldn't adopt the habit of intake of alcohol in the name of anything. We should avoid this habit. It hampers the growth of the person and the family.

We shouldn't drink alcohol rather advise people not to drink in the society. We can use charts and pamphlets to educate people about the harm of alcoholism. We should participate in the programs launched by the international and national organizations to eradicate this habit from the society.

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